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Little things that help make a relationship

* Calling to see if she reached home safe

* Laughing together & making each other laugh

* Sharing stories, experiences, food & music

* Pulling each other's legs & teasing

* Listening to them

* Going on walks

* Making mental notes of their likes & dislikes or preferences

* Being honest; absolute honesty

* Fighting with & for them

* Giving in to them to make them happy.

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  1. About relationships several posts like this has been referred to at times. The fact is that not always everything really happens the same as planned as it never is actually as it appears to be. No matter things posted online are very correct from general view point as and other top like this one as well, but when it comes to an individual, individualistic laws apply.

    However, we are always optimistic and find favorable things in news and media, it is making us more, informed after all, though in general sense.