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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Must try authentic foods of Telugu states you can't miss!

Telugu states are known for its spicy food all around the country. The cuisine comprises of both mouth-watering vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The famous Telugu dishes include appetizing Biryanis, delectable rice and some tangy pickles and Chutneys.

Let's see a variety of delicious dishes, you must eat at least once in your lifetime!

PULIHURA - Breakfast

One of the kinds of Tamarind/Lemon rice
enhanced with spicy fiavors to give it a sour and salty taste at once. It is a dish for festivals and special gatherings and is often distributed to people as Prasad in temples. The preparation is an addition of Tamarind to rice along with a touch of curry leaves, nuts and also mustard seeds to enhance the taste.

PULLATTU - Breakfast

Pullattu (Tangy Dosa)‘ IS another of the typically Andhra recipes. A simple tasty dosa that“ 5 made with a lot of yogurt/ Curd. that imparts soft texture and a tangy flavor to these dosas. lt's served with chutney or chilly powder.

IDLY - Breakfast

Idlys are considered to be one of the furst and healthiest breakfast options and the only food suggested by doctors when someone unwell. As it’s a steamed food, and no fat in it ~ it’s first choice for those who want lose their weight.

VADA - Breakfast

Looks like doughnut-shaped, it's crispy from the outside with a soft interiorJt is one of the food items in Telugu as well as South Indian regions mainly for breakfast or snack. The dish is a perfect combination with sambar and coconut chutney.


Mudda Pappu Avakai is the most traditional food of Telugu States. Pressure cooked tur dal, mashed and salted is served as a first course in the Andhra meal and is mixed with hot steamed white rice, a spoon of ghee and the famous avakai (mango pickle). No words can describe the down to earth flavor of the dal and the comfort of this delicious combination.


Gongura is also called Andhra Matha. This authentic pickle is made from kenaf leaves and has the perfect taste when served with steam rice, Ghee, and onion. This mouth-watering cuisine is one of the best pickles or Chutneys.

GUTTHi VANKAYA - Lunch/Dinner

This brinial curry goes perfectly well with white rice, chapati or even with biryani. Even in Hyderabadi cuisine, this Bagara Baingan is served with biryani. This is one of the traditional recipe prepared with stuffed baby brinjals cooked in authentic Andhra style.

RAGI SANGATI - Lunch/Dinner

Ragi Sangati (Ragi Mudda) is an authentic South Indian recipe especially in the areas of Rayalaseema region. Ragi (Finger Millet) has a great nutritional value like it has fibre, Calcium, and Iron. It goes well with many curries like mutton, chicken, gongura etc.,


This Dish gave a whole new definition to Biryani and Is famous all over the world. It is a combination of herbs and spices added to long rice grains with a mixture of vegetables and roasted Chicken to get the taste of a real Dum Biryani.


A traditional curry of Telugu people Natu Kodi Pulusu (Cou ntry Chicken Curry), and this cuisine ls compulsory for every occasion. Country chicken is considered to be healthy in comparison to broiler chicken.This curry tastes good with Ragi Sankati (Finger Millet).


Uppu chepa is a salted dry fish which is consumed in coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh in different forms. Uppu chepa has a very distinct and strong odor that many people may turn away without tasting it. But once you eat it after preparation, you will be ready to bear anything for it. The combination of Uppu Chepa and Pappu charu is the best mouth-watering recipe ever. 

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